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Common Myths of Gum Disease

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Gum Disease MythsGum disease myths are much more common than you may believe, and these myths often affect patients’ access to care. The fact is, gum disease is a relatively common disorder that may be associated with other health issues, and having gum disease is not always associated with cavities or tooth loss. read more

Dental Effects of Missing a Tooth

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Dental effects of missing a toothLosing a tooth is never fun, and neither are the aesthetic and health effects associated with tooth loss. There are several potential effects, including issues with speaking, eating, and social interaction. Fortunately, preventative strategies, including regular dental checkups, a proper dental cleaning regimen, and regular cleanings can help prevent or reduce the risk of tooth loss, regardless of age or health status. read more

Signs You Need to See a Dentist

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Signs you need to see a dentistIgnoring common signs of dental health issues tends to result in worsened conditions. When it comes to oral health, intuition and a little good common sense can help reduce future costly complications. Common signs, including jaw pain, newly diagnosed medical conditions, and constant dry mouth, can help you decide if you need to see a dentist. Below Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a family dental practice in Atlanta, discusses the signs in greater detail. read more

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

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Risk factors for oral cancerThere are several risk factors associated with oral cancer, including alcohol and tobacco use, gender, and excessive exposure to sunlight. Although some risk factors for oral cancer can’t be modified by lifestyle or personal choices, many risk factors can be changed based on the person’s actions. Decreasing or eliminating tobacco use, for instance, may help reduce the risk for oral cancer as well as other serious cancers. In this blog post Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a family and cosmetic dental practice in Atlanta, discusses the risk factors and what you can do to decrease your risk of oral cancer. read more

Habits That Harm Your Teeth (And How to Break Them)

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Habits that harm your teethWe all have bad habits. Some of them, particularly those tied to anxiety, can lead to issues regarding the teeth and jaw. Eating throughout the day, nail biting, and jaw tightening/clenching are common examples of habits that may contribute to poor oral health. In this blog post Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a family dental practice in Atlanta, discusses these habits and how to break them. read more

Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Mouth

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Diabetes and oral healthDiabetes and oral health conditions often go hand in hand, and without proper management of either, there is a chance of the disease worsening. In addition to a proper oral health routine, a healthy diet can go a long way in managing blood sugar levels while also decreasing the risk for gum disease. Below the team at Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a family dental practice in Atlanta, discusses a few of the ways diabetes can affect your mouth. read more

How to Choose a Dentist

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Choosing a dentistChoosing a dentist can be stressful as well as highly challenging. In this day and age, many people rely on recommendations from family members and friends, online reviews, and thorough research. Here Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a cosmetic and family dental practice in Atlanta, provides some tips to get you started. read more

Dental Care Tips for Expectant Mothers

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Dental Care in AtlantaHealthy teeth and gums are essential during all stages of life, including pregnancy. Expectant mothers must take extra precautions to maintain good oral health for themselves and their babies. In this blog post, Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a family dental practice in Atlanta, offers the following oral health tips all expectant mothers should know. read more

Why Preventive Dental Care Is Important

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Importance of preventive dentistryMany dental issues can be avoided with preventive dental care, which includes good oral health habits like regular brushing and flossing, eating a tooth-friendly diet and visiting a dentist every six months. Preventive dental care has several benefits. The trusted dental team at Atlanta Smiles & Wellness discusses some of those benefits in this blog post. read more

Atlanta Smiles and Wellness Reviews PR

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Atlanta Smiles and Wellness Publishes Reviews Of Services To Encourage New Patients To Enquire

Summary: Atlanta Smiles and Wellness has helped transform dental health and appearance thanks to their advanced services, and has published new patient reviews on their site to attest to the experience as well as the wonderful results.

Atlanta, United States – Dentistry is unique, in that it is an equally important cosmetic and health discipline. A smile is so attractive to us because the health of teeth give an indication of the health of individual. It is a window into their best self. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness’ Dr. Giesler and Dr. Kovitch, together with their experienced team, are there for every patient, enabling them to capitalize on their greatest asset: their smile. Many of those patients have now submitted reviews to the practice’s website and social media profiles, to encourage others to get their dental work done by Atlanta Smiles and Wellness.

The new reviews section shares a broad range of experiences from different patients, designed to help people understand the high level of service they will receive when engaging in either health, general, or cosmetic dentistry. From a simple cleaning and polish to a complex root canal procedure, through braces and the latest porcelain crowns, the reviews point out the compassion, care and attention they received from the team.

Atlanta Smiles and Wellness offers outstanding dentistry, but do not neglect the little things, with support staff on hand to make sure the whole experience is as comfortable and calm as possible. The new section presents a compelling case for their success in this endeavour, with a view to helping more people discover how much better their dental experiences could be.

A spokesperson for Atlanta Smiles (www.atlantasmiles.com) explained, “We are committed to providing the very best experience across all of our services. We provide cosmetic as well as general dentistry, including everything from alignment and cavity care to cancer screenings and dentures. The reviews we have received have been overwhelming, and we are so thankful to those who have taken the time to leave feedback. We hope this will encourage more people to come see us to get the best dental care available in 2017.”

About Atlanta Smiles and Wellness: Atlanta Smiles and Wellness is the dental practice of Drs. Giesler and Kovitch. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness has a lifelong commitment to comprehensive dentistry, offering both health and cosmetic services from the same practice. These include veneers, porcelain crowns, whitening, invisible orthodontic aligners, braces, tooth-colored fillings, and much more. Their experienced and expert team provide a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in which to receive treatment, making it ideal for anyone, including nervous patients.

For more information please visit: http://www.atlantasmiles.com/

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