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Dental Dentures
Tooth Replacement Alternative

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Dentures are an excellent option for patients with significant tooth loss or those who decide tooth extraction is their best option. Depending on the number of missing teeth, we offer partial or complete dentures. In addition, we provide teeth extraction services to prepare the mouth for dentures. 

Atlanta Smiles offers denture solutions for patients in the Atlanta area. Our team of expert dental professionals understands the personal nature of the decision to transition to dentures. We provide compassionate care and professional expertise to guide you through the decision-making process.

We prioritize both oral health and cosmetic outcomes. Looking and feeling great matters for your overall well-being.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that work as a synthetic replacement for natural teeth. Unlike implants and bridges, dentures are removable. The false teeth attach to a customized, gum-colored plate fitted to feel comfortable in the patient’s mouth. We use modern dental technology to achieve a natural look and feel.

Dentures require a customized solution with a highly qualified dental team to ensure quality results. To maintain bone and jaw stability and function, proper denture fit matters. We meet with each patient to discuss the details of the procedure and ensure they understand the costs, benefits, and risks before making a commitment.

What Are the Types of Dentures?

Atlanta Smiles offers customized dental solutions, including dentures. We work with each patient to find the right dentures to meet your needs, health, and budget. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures work for patients missing only some of their teeth. These are also false teeth designed to fit in with the remaining natural teeth. The partial dentures use a metal frame to attach the artificial teeth. 

We frequently use crowns in conjunction with partial dentures to offer extra support. Partial dentures are a popular alternative to bridges because they are removable and not permanently affixed to the mouth.

Patients interested in dentures also need to decide the best type of dentures for their comfort, oral health, and budget.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a full set of dentures for patients missing all their teeth. The dentures on the top of the mouth include a plate with false teeth attached that cover the roof of the mouth. The bottom dentures have a horseshoe shape design that allows room for the tongue to move freely.

Complete dentures do not leave room for any existing natural teeth. If teeth remain in the mouth, we will schedule extractions or opt for partial dentures.


Conventional Dentures

The tooth extraction process leaves the bones and gums temporarily swollen. The fitting process for conventional dentures must occur after the swelling goes down, which takes around one month after the final extractions. 

With conventional dentures, the patient must wait to wear the dentures after healing and fitting. However, the plus side is there will be no additional fittings once the conventional dentures are placed

Implant-Supported Dentures

A step up from conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures offer a sturdier fit with less bulkiness. The procedure uses implants to anchor the dentures. This allows for a horseshoe-shaped top denture that opens the palate. 

Implant-supported dentures are removable and do not require adhesives. In addition, they allow for easier eating and speaking as well as a more natural appearance.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Fixed hybrid dentures offer the most natural look and feel with dentures. The procedure uses four or more implants to secure dentures in the mouth. Like with implant-supported dentures, fixed hybrid dentures do not cover the palette which makes eating and speaking easier. 

Fixed hybrid dentures do not need daily removal. Instead, they fit better and require less maintenance. 

Immediate Dentures

With immediate complete dentures, placement occurs immediately after the extraction process. The gums and bones are still swollen, so the plate will only fit for a short period of time. Final fitting and adjustment take place once the swelling goes down.

With this option, patients don’t need to wait to wear false teeth.

Reasons Patients Choose Dentures

Dentures serve to replace missing teeth with a removable dental appliance. When missing teeth aren’t replaced with dentures or another option, the facial muscles can sag over time. 

Dentures fill out the mouth and jaw area to improve the appearance of the face and smile. Dentures also aid with eating, chewing, and speaking. Plus, they help patients gain confidence in their appearance. 

Patients lose teeth or choose to extract teeth for different reasons.

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Facial injuries

If you have missing teeth, contact Atlanta Smiles to discuss whether dentures are right for you.

What is the Process for Dental Dentures?

Denture treatment includes several appointments to plan, make, and fit the dentures. 

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

The process for dentures begins with a consultation to discuss the detailed treatment plan. We want to ensure each patient has clarity and understanding of the process and costs involved. Next, our dental team will discuss the various options with you, including the need for tooth extraction. 

Step 2 – Custom Dentures

Next, we create molds of the mouth to create customized dentures. We also take measurements of the mouth. We use both to develop the right fit for dentures.

Step 3 – Extractions

If the patient needs extractions or other dental work before the denture fitting, we schedule those procedures.

Step 4 – Denture Fitting

Whether the patient chooses conventional or immediate dentures, we schedule a denture fitting once the mouth heals. We adjust the dentures to ensure an accurate and pain-free fit.

Frequent Questions

Patients with significant tooth loss are good candidates for dentures. Typically, we recommend dental treatments to save the natural teeth whenever possible. However, some patients benefit from tooth removal and dentures.

For the dentures to work, the patient must have adequate jawbone structure and healthy gum tissue. We evaluate each denture candidate before we move forward with the procedure. We value quality patient relationships and trust.

The lifespan of dentures depends on how well the patient cares for the dentures. However, dentures typically last around ten years. We recommend patients with dentures schedule checkups every six months. 

Dentures require realignment periodically. Also, as the face and gums change, the dentures may need adjustments. Normal wear and tear cause dentures to wear out over time.

While dentures offer an excellent solution for many patients, we also offer alternative dental solutions. For example, dental bridges and implants also replace missing teeth. The downside with both bridges and implants is the procedures cost more than with dentures. Yet, bridges and implants permanently attach to the mouth and offer a more realistic appearance.

Dental insurance may cover all or part of the cost of dentures, depending on your specific plan. We always recommend you check with your insurance provider regarding coverage. Dentures typically cost less than alternative teeth replacement treatment options.

Trusted Dental Solutions from Atlanta Smiles

Atlanta Smiles offers compassionate dental care and restoration to patients throughout the Atlanta area. We’ve served patients for over 20 years with reliable and quality dental treatments. 

Our expert dental team has the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible treatment options to meet your oral health needs and budget. 

To learn more about dentures, schedule a consultation with Atlanta Smiles.

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