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White Dental Fillings

Improve Your Oral Health

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When a cavity or decay occurs in your tooth, it can lead to pain and discoloration. In addition, unresolved decay won’t go away on its own. If left untreated, a minor cavity can turn into a big problem.

Thankfully, dental fillings give the Atlanta Smiles team an effective treatment for cavities. Our compassionate dentists have the knowledge and experience to remove the decay and fill the tooth while maintaining your comfort.

Atlanta Smiles provides white dental fillings for patients in the Atlanta area. We believe in treatment solutions that prioritize both oral health and a beautiful smile. White fillings accomplish both!

What Is A White Filling?

A white dental filling is a tooth restoration procedure that uses a composite resin material to fill cavities in teeth. White fillings prevent cavities from growing and reduce the risk of further tooth decay. On top of the oral health benefits of using fillings, they can also improve the shape and color of your teeth.

What Are the Benefits of White Fillings?

White fillings, also called composites, have become significantly more popular than their silver-colored counterparts. They seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Composite resin also works to cover a silver-colored filling that you no longer wish to be visible.

Benefits of white fillings include:

  • Help prevent future decay by filling holes that allow bacteria access into your mouth
  • More durable than traditional silver amalgam fillings
  • Blend seamlessly with the natural color of the tooth for improved aesthetics
  • Resolves decay, preventing the need for more invasive dental procedures
  • Reduces pain and sensitivity caused by the cavity
  • Long-lasting dental solution

What Dental Issues Do White Fillings Correct?

Dentists primarily use white fillings to correct tooth decay. Fillings also prevent tooth decay from spreading into the root canal area.

Along with restoring decayed teeth, the tooth-colored composite has a variety of cosmetic uses. For example, composite resin works to improve the look and shape of your teeth or camouflage small chips or imperfections. Also, composite resin can cover severely stained or discolored teeth to restore brightness, even when your teeth do not respond to whitening treatments.

Ask your Atlanta Smiles dentist if a white filling is right for you.

What Is the Process for Dental Fillings?

Patients start with an initial consultation with an Atlanta Smiles dentist. During the appointment, the dentist will examine your teeth for cavities and determine the severity of any decay. Then, we develop a personalized action plan to treat your cavities. The treatments may require one or multiple visits, depending on the scope of work needed. 

When the treatment process begins, the dentist starts by numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic. First, we apply a gel to the gums, which makes the injection more comfortable.

Before we begin the filling, we use color samples to determine which composite is closest to your tooth color. The goal is to ensure the filling is virtually undetectable in comparison to your natural teeth. 

Then, the dentist removes the decay from the tooth using various dental instruments. Once completed, the dentist will ensure the treatment area is clean and dry to prepare the tooth for the composite filling. A gel goes on the dry surface of the tooth to create tiny holes in the enamel. The holes allow the filling to bond to the tooth and prevent it from detaching.

After rinsing the gel away, we apply a primer and a bonding agent to strengthen the bond of the composite filling to the tooth. We then fill the prepared tooth with resin. A blue light hardens the composite. 

Once the dentist finishes filling the cavity and setting the composite, they test the height of the filling and ensure it aligns with your natural bite. Achieving the proper alignment helps prevent discomfort, headaches, and jaw pain.

Taking Care of Your Dental Filling

Dental fillings don’t require special care. Typically, patients can eat and drink soon after the filling procedure. However, to maintain healthy teeth and extend the lifespan for the filling, practice good oral hygiene. 

Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash daily. Also, avoid tobacco use. To maintain the filling and the integrity of your other teeth, avoid sticky foods and chewing ice. Finally, stay on top of preventative care by scheduling regular dental cleanings.

Frequent Questions

White fillings typically last between 10 and 15 years. However, we’ve seen clients maintain healthy fillings for decades. Practicing good dental hygiene and the quality of the filling matter. Work with a trusted dentist with a solid reputation for reliable service. Atlanta Smiles offers trusted dental service. We have a track record of success backed by over 20 years of experience.

Both children and adult patients with tooth decay or damage benefit from white fillings. Dental fillings work for both primary and adult teeth. It’s essential to repair a cavity in a baby tooth to prevent damage to the adult tooth underneath. 

If you have extensive tooth decay or damage, a filling may not work. For example, a root canal or extraction may offer the best long-term solution to restore the tooth.

Your Atlanta Smiles dentist will walk you through your options for tooth restoration. We aim to make dental filling procedures pain-free and comfortable. Remember, taking care of decay early with a filling can save you pain and money later.

Most insurance companies cover a portion of the cost of dental fillings. Contact your dental insurance provider to verify your coverage. Our expert team will work with your insurance company to provide the needed information.

Restore Cavities with Help from Atlanta Smiles

Atlanta Smiles offers outstanding dental care, including white fillings to repair tooth decay. We serve patients throughout the Atlanta area with trusted treatment solutions. 

Our expert dental team has the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible care to match your oral health goals and budget. Dental fillings offer patients healing and prevent further decay, which can lead to more invasive procedures. Stay on top of your oral health by resolving cavities quickly.

To learn more about white fillings, schedule a consultation with Atlanta Smiles.

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