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Vivid Aligners

Transform Your Teeth

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Do you want to gain confidence and improve your smile? Vivid aligners correct teeth using clear aligners to make minor to moderate tooth movements. Many adult patients don’t like the appearance of traditional metal braces. Clear aligners give patients an alternative that’s both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. 

Our expert dental team works with each patient to recommend the best cosmetic solution to create the smile of your dreams. We consistently offer the highest quality of treatment by selecting the best product options to provide our patients. Vivid aligners give patients a proven alternative to correct teeth using quality materials and the latest technology. 

If you’re ready to enhance your smile, contact Atlanta Smiles to learn more about Vivid aligners.

What Are Vivid Aligners?

Vivid aligners are clear aligners that work to correct teeth with minor to moderate tooth movement. The aligners use high-quality materials and innovative design to create a compelling and comfortable solution for crowding, spacing, or rotation issues. 

Like other clear aligners, Vivid aligners work well in conjunction with other treatments such as crowns and veneers to achieve the best results possible. Atlanta Smiles works with the Vivid company to produce each set of custom aligners to the specifications needed for each patient’s treatment.

How Do Vivid Aligners Work?

Vivid aligners are one type of clear aligner designed as an orthodontic alternative to metal braces. Clear aligner treatment includes a series of removable trays made from plastic that move your teeth into their ideal position over time. The patient wears each tray for about two weeks before using the next designated tray. The process continues until we achieve all the desired corrections.  

Vivid aligners work to correct specific minor to moderate issues, including: 

  • Crowding – Correction of crowded teeth to create a straight smile
  • Spacing – Close gaps between teeth to improve spacing
  • Rotation – Turn teeth in the right direction for better alignment

Why Use Vivid Aligners?

Patients who choose to correct their teeth with Vivid aligners enjoy more freedom and flexibility. As one type of clear aligner, Vivid gives the patient a high-quality option to restore misaligned teeth. Typically, patients choose clear aligners because they do not want to wear traditional braces but want to improve their smiles. Vivid offers a practical and quick way to achieve aesthetic goals without the commitment to long-term orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of Vivid Aligners

  • Shorter treatment time: Cut your treatment time in half from potentially over a year with wire braces to around six months with clear aligners
  • Nearly invisible: Straighten your teeth without the aesthetic impact of metal braces
  • Easy to remove: Eat and brush teeth with minimal effort or inconvenience
  • Low maintenance: Clean your aligners in much less time than their traditional counterparts
  • Cost-effective: More cost-effective than wire braces, in most cases
  • Effective: Clear aligners can help you build back your confidence and save you from costly dental problems in the future.

What Is the Process for Treatment with Vivid Aligners?

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We schedule an initial consultation to determine if clear aligners are correct for you. We explain the details of the treatment plan and provide a cost estimate.

Step 2: Imaging

We take a series of x-rays and high-definition images of your teeth for the Vivid team to use to manufacture your custom aligners. 

Step 3: Custom Manufacturing

The Vivid team produces the aligners and ships them to our office for approval.

Step 4: Patient Delivery

During the appointment, we ensure the first set of aligners work and schedule to see you every month to switch out the trays and examine the progress. 

Step 5: Follow-Up Appointments

We schedule periodic follow-up appointments to track progress until the end of your treatment with the aligners.

Frequent Questions

Adult patients who want to straighten crowded or crooked teeth without wearing metal braces benefit most from Vivid aligners. Patients who wish to improve the appearance of their smile but don’t require extensive dental correction also find success with Vivid aligners.

 At Atlanta Smiles, we believe clear aligners offer a way for patients to improve the appearance of their smile without extensive orthodontic work. Patients achieve their cosmetic goals, including smiling with confidence. 

Vivid aligners do not work for patients that require significant teeth movement. We evaluate each candidate for Vivid aligners and offer our professional assessment regarding the effectiveness of this treatment option. If you are in need of more comprehensive orthodontics we will refer you to an orthodontist.

At Atlanta Smiles, we take an overall wellness approach. Our passion is not only beautiful teeth but total patient health. Our innovative treatment solutions encompass a variety of options to improve oral health, appearance, and wellbeing. 

Our cosmodontic approach combines traditional cosmetic dentistry with clear aligners. For example, some patients opt for veneers on their top teeth to correct discoloration, misalignment, or tooth damage. Then, they use a clear aligner, like Vivid aligners, to correct the bottom teeth. Our versatile approach empowers patients to custom select the best treatment options to meet their unique goals.

Vivid aligners offer a great alternative to traditional braces to correct unwanted cosmetic issues that impact the confidence in your smile. However, not all patients benefit from clear aligners. At Atlanta Smiles, we want each patient to find the best solution to achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. 


We work with you to determine whether Vivid aligners meet your cosmetic goals while maintaining oral health. If you want to feel more confident about your smile, contact us to discuss whether Vivid aligners are right for you.

Gain Confidence in Your Smile at Atlanta Smiles

For over 20 years, Atlanta Smiles has provided trusted cosmetic and traditional dentistry services for patients throughout the Atlanta area. Clear aligners offer an effective treatment option instead of traditional braces.

We partner with trusted companies, like Vivid, to bring proven solutions to our patients. Our team of doctors and dental professionals has a passion for creating beautiful smiles backed by our extensive experience.

Contact Atlanta Smiles today to schedule an initial consultation or to learn more about Vivid aligners.



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