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Laser Dentistry

Smart Technology for Improved Outcomes

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Laser dentistry is a cutting-edge technology widely used in the dental industry to enhance the success of various treatments. The Atlanta Smiles dentists have years of training and experience using the most advanced and modern laser technology to help patients achieve optimal oral health and beautiful smiles.

We offer laser dentistry solutions for general and cosmetic dental procedures. Invest in your smile with proven technology dental advances, like laser dentistry. We promote positive patient outcomes with the best available treatment options to improve your smile and enhance your quality of life.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry uses lasers as a tool during various dental procedures. For over 30 years, dentists have used lasers for general and cosmetic dental procedures to improve outcomes.

The lasers produce high-intensity beams of coherent light that the dentist directs at specific areas of the mouth to destroy diseased cells, reshape tissue, or seal blood vessels. Lasers offer a versatile and effective alternative to reduce pain, recovery time, and infections.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

Before this revolutionizing dental technology, dentists primarily used scalpels, drills, or other manual and invasive instruments. With laser dentistry, concentrated laser light energy replaced these traditional instruments. The lasers effectively vaporize, remove, and shape soft and hard tissue with less pain and invasiveness.

 The precision of the laser leaves the surrounding tissue untouched and undamaged. The concentrated laser light can also seal blood vessels and nerve endings during surgery, minimizing bleeding and swelling. Laser dentistry also targets bacteria, decreasing the risk of infection and encouraging faster healing post-surgery. Finally, this technology can reduce tooth sensitivity, allowing patients to receive dental care more comfortably than ever before.

Laser Dentistry Treatment Solutions

  • Treating tooth sensitivity
  • Removing tooth decay
  • Whitening teeth
  • Esthetic gingivectomy, which makes teeth appear bigger with slight tissue removal
  • Gum or periodontal disease treatment
  • Aphthous ulcer treatment
  • Canker and cold sore therapy
  • Biopsy
  • Gumline recontouring or reshaping
  • Aid in surgery procedures


The Atlanta Smiles dental team invests in continued education to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest dental techniques to provide our patients with the highest quality of care.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry not only meets but surpasses all the advantages of traditional dental care and treatment. Since we prioritize the health and well-being of our patients, we are proud to utilize this technology to achieve the following: 

  • Improved precision – Lasers cut and reshape tissue more precisely with minimal damage to surrounding structures when compared to manual instruments, like scalpels and drills.
  • Less pain – Lasers typically do not require anesthesia because patients feel reduced discomfort or pain during the procedure.
  • Positive patient experience – Many patients experience less anxiety because the procedure is less invasive.
  • Minimized bleeding and swelling – Because there is minimal bleeding with laser therapy, you will not need to wait days for your gums to heal after the procedure.
  • Faster results – Laser treatments typically take less time to heal than conventional techniques and often eliminate the need for sutures after surgery.
  • Fewer infections – Lasers target bacteria and sterilize the area, which reduces the risk of oral infections and complications.
  • More comfort – Lasers emit low heat and cause little or no vibration. As a result, they provide a much more comfortable feeling when compared to traditional methods.
  • Minimizes tooth sensitivity – Both during and after surgery, patients experience less tooth sensitivity.

The Limits and Risks of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers many benefits for patients. Yet, it does have some limitations and risks. Our highly-trained dentists understand when the use of lasers provides the best outcomes. We offer clear communication to our patients so that they know the advantages and risks of each procedure.


  • Lasers won’t work in all procedures, like when a tooth has a metal amalgam filling
  • Some treatments still require anesthesia
  • In rare cases, hard lasers may injure tooth pulp
  • Slight risk of gum injury


Working with an experienced dentist decreases the risks of side effects. The Atlanta Smiles dental team only uses laser technology for approved procedures. We take every precaution to ensure safe and effective dental solutions.

Types of Lasers Used at Atlanta Smiles

Atlanta Smiles offers our patients the Gemini 810 + 980 Diode Laser, the first dual-wavelength soft-tissue diode laser available in the U.S. This laser has approval for removing or shaping hard and soft tissue. We use this tool because it makes treatments faster, smoother, and more efficient than ever before.

Is Laser Treatment Right for You?

Patients invested in the latest technology and desiring efficient and effective dental treatment benefit from laser dentistry.

At Atlanta Smiles, we know that each patient is unique. We consider each case individually to determine the best treatment solution. We create a custom treatment plan to address your oral health and aesthetic goals.

We want your experience to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we prioritize clear communication as part of our quality care. 

Laser technology makes dental care less invasive and more effective with quicker recovery times. When available, we do recommend the use of lasers during procedures. Our team understands the right time to use lasers based on the risks and benefits. 

Also, we conduct a thorough evaluation of each patient to ensure minimal risk with laser dentistry. For example, we would identify a filling that makes lasers ineffective for treatment.

Personalized and Advanced Dental Care

The state-of-the-art Atlanta Smiles dental clinic leads the Atlanta area in general and cosmetic dental solutions. We leverage the most advanced dental methods and technology to produce positive outcomes. Additionally, we craft individualized treatment plans to help our patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

We believe overall wellness matters. Our approach to dentistry includes a focus on oral health and aesthetics to improve quality of life through restored health and confidence. Laser dentistry supports these goals with an improved patient experience and results. 

To learn more about laser dentistry or schedule a consultation, contact Atlanta Smiles.

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