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Cut Your Numbness Time in Half

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If you’ve ever experienced trouble eating, drinking, or speaking after a dental procedure, you know that anesthesia can lead to lingering side effects. The ongoing numbing sensation makes the return to your day more difficult.

OraVerse gives patients relief from unwanted numbing, which creates more comfort and less impact on the remainder of the day. Patients can rest easy knowing their dental procedure doesn’t have to dominate their schedule.

OraVerse has proven to reverse the impact of anesthesia twice as quickly as the standard recovery time, allowing patients to resume their daily routine after dental treatments. So whether you want to be ready for an afternoon meeting or simply dislike the lingering numbing effects of anesthesia, OraVerse can help you get back to your everyday life sooner.

Atlanta Smiles offers patients OraVerse treatment when requested or needed. Ask your dental team if OraVerse is right for you.

What is OraVerse?

OraVerse is a safe and effective product that reverses the unwanted numbing sensation that lingers after dental treatment. It works by moving the local anesthetic out of your system more quickly, which effectively reduces the numbing sensation once the procedure concludes. The patient can safely chew and swallow without prolonged numbness. Plus, the patient regains control of drooling, smiling, and talking.

Achieve Less Anxiety and Improved Comfort

People experience discomfort following a dental procedure because they still feel the local anesthesia’s effect. As a result, patients may have trouble chewing food, swallowing, opening their mouth, talking, and smiling. The lack of control can make patients feel uncomfortable and anxious.

With OraVerse, this problem goes away quicker! Create a treatment plan that includes OraVerse to reduce your anxiety about your dental recovery from the start. Patients won’t have to experience hours of hunger or thirst waiting for the numbness to wear off. Plus, parents won’t need to worry about their child biting or chewing on a numb mouth and causing damage. 

Gain control over your dental recovery with OraVerse.

How Does OraVerse Work?

OraVerse widens blood vessels to increase blood flow which counteracts the blood vessel constriction used in local anesthetics. By using OraVerse, the anesthetic dissipates more quickly, thereby reducing the duration of the numbing sensation.

OraVerse works as an injection into the mouth near the injection site of the local anesthetic. Your dentist will inject OraVerse immediately after your dental procedure while the treatment area remains numb. Most patients find using OraVerse beneficial and effective.

Typically, it takes three to five hours to recover from soft tissue anesthesia, while patients that receive OraVerse recover in half the time. Patients also experience a reduced impact from drooling, slurred speech, and the feeling of an enlarged or swollen mouth and cheeks.

Frequent Questions

With over 20 years of dental experience, the Atlanta Smiles dentists understand that some patients do not tolerate the numbing sensation well. Also, patients have busy lives, and the inconvenience of a numb mouth disrupts regular schedules.

OraVerse gives our patients a safe and effective solution to reduce the length of numbness after a dental procedure. Patients enjoy the benefits and convenience of OraVerse.

  • Faster return to regular activities, like eating and talking
  • Reduced risk of injury from biting or hitting the numb area
  • Decreased anxiety about dental procedures
  • Increased comfort of the overall experience
  • Quicker recovery of movement and function of mouth and jaw

Ask your Atlanta Smiles dentist whether you could benefit from OraVerse after your dental treatment.

Patients who need to return to work or school immediately after their procedure can benefit from the reversing effects of OraVerse. It is also helpful for individuals who tend to chew on their lips, tongue, and mouth when they are numb, sometimes to the point of creating sores, lesions, or other damage to the mouth. Children significantly benefit from OraVerse because they are more likely to experience trauma to the numb area.

OraVerse works best for standard procedures, like fillings, crowns, and veneers. Typically, dentists do not use OraVerse for more invasive procedures like root canals or implants where the anesthetic process is more involved, and the patient recovery is longer. 

Consider the amount of time you can devote to your recovery before your dental procedure. OraVerse gives patients the option for a quicker recovery. If you are interested in receiving OraVerse, please let our team know ahead of time. We will create your customized treatment plan to include using OraVerse. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this treatment option.

Yes! OraVerse has FDA approval, which supports the safe and effective use for anyone over six years old. We offer OraVerse for adult and pediatric dental patients at Atlanta Smiles.

Side effects are rare with OraVerse use. The most common side effect is pain at the injection site. Side effects are mild and typically resolve within 48 hours. The Atlanta Smiles dental team will discuss the possible side effects of using OraVerse with you in detail.

Most patients can safely benefit from the use of OraVerse. However, children under age six should not use this product. In addition, OraVerse has not been tested on patients who are pregnant or nursing. For maximum safety and caution, we do not recommend use for pregnant or nursing patients. Most patients in good health can safely use OraVerse.

Reverse Numbness with Help from Atlanta Smiles

We aim to make your visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible. OraVerse helps reduce discomfort after you visit the dentist by shortening the time you experience numbness from the local anesthetic.

The Atlanta Smiles dental team prioritizes a positive patient experience, especially for our pediatric dental patients. Ask about whether OraVerse is the right solution for you or your child.

To learn more about OraVerse, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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