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Nutritional Counseling In Atlanta

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Nutritional and dietary counseling helps you learn which foods are healthy for your body and teeth so that you can make better choices come meal time. A healthy and well-balanced diet is essential for good oral health at all stages in your life. Consuming the right foods and nutrients will not only keep your teeth beautiful, but also drastically reduce your risk of tooth decay and/or infection.

But getting the education you need to make the right dietary choices and maintain your oral health can be difficult. At Atlanta Smiles, we are committed to helping our patients make the best decisions through personalized nutritional and dietary counseling. Our seasoned dentists teach each patient — from the youngest to the oldest — how to keep their smile healthy and bright for years to come.

Nutrition and Your Oral Health

Good nutrition is important for every aspect of your body and overall health, including your teeth and gums. Nutrients like calcium, riboflavin, vitamin C and vitamin D help support the healing process, prevent inflammation, and fight off disease. This includes serious dental problems like gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth decay and loss.

Alternatively, insufficient nutrition or malnutrition can detrimental to the health and longevity of your smile. Sugary and acidic foods can erode tooth enamel, increasing the risk of cavities and major dental issues. Since the mouth and body are linked by biological systems, oral health problems also leave you vulnerable to other health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Can You Benefit From Nutritional Counseling?

Nutritional counseling can be beneficial to almost anyone, but can be especially helpful to individuals who:

Suffer from chronic medical or oral health conditions
Are considered to be overweight
Are experiencing hormonal changes (pregnancy/breastfeeding)
Have not fully development their teeth

Good nutrition is especially important for children because their teeth and mouths are still in development. A diet rich in fiber, protein, vegetables, calcium and iron can strengthen the teeth and gums of children, while a diet high in sugar and sticky foods can increase their risk of tooth decay. Through personalized nutritional and dietary counseling, our dental team help instill good eating habits from an early age, so your child can make choices that promote their oral health for years to come.

Personalized Nutritional and Dietary Counseling

During your nutritional counseling session, our team will deliver expert advice on how good nutrition can strengthen your oral health. We will also discuss your general health and diet, reviewing any aspects of your current lifestyle that could be problematic or use improvement. We will work with you to design a personalized nutrition plan that helps prolong the state and beauty of your teeth.

Juice Plus+® for Complete Nutrition

Juice Plus+® is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables. Perfect for individuals on-the-go or those who simply want to improve their quality of life, Juice Plus +® provides the nutritional value of various different fruits, vegetables and grains, in the form of a daily dietary supplement. Click here read more about how you and your family can benefit from incorporating it into your diet.

To learn more about our nutritional and dietary counseling services, please schedule a personal consultation by contacting Atlanta Smiles at (404) 262-7733.

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