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KöR Whitening

Simply Whiter Teeth™

REAL People. REAL Smiles.

Do you want a whiter and brighter smile? The KöR Whitening system offers our patients a cost-effective way to restore a youthful appearance and boost confidence in your smile.

Atlanta Smile’s cosmetic dentists can help patients who are unhappy or embarrassed by their discolored teeth. KöR Whitening gives patients a quick and effective solution to remove stains and discoloration. Our professional teeth whitening services offer a safe and customized cosmetic dentistry procedure designed to meet your goals and create your dream smile.

Revitalize stained, discolored, or simply aged teeth at Atlanta Smiles.

What Is KöR Teeth Whitening?

A cosmetic dentist developed the KöR Whitening system to help improve the teeth whitening process. This unique whitening system maximizes results while minimizing tooth sensitivity. The system uses custom trays and whitening gel to restore the teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen and dissolve staining.

At Atlanta Smiles, we believe this system is one of the best solutions to help our patient restore their tooth color.

How Does KöR Teeth Whitening Work?

The whitening system uses customized trays made from molds of your teeth to deliver maximum results. The KöR Seal™ Whitening Trays offer ultra-comfort with a seal that enhances the effectiveness of the whitening gel.

Your dentist will work with you to determine your whitening goals. Based on the current condition of your teeth, we will recommend a level of KöR Whitening to help you achieve those goals. Most patients wear the trays while they sleep over a two-week period. The treatment plan may vary depending on the level of discoloration or staining.

Why Use KöR Teeth Whitening?

Patients who choose the KöR Whitening system find the results outstanding. As one type of whitening solution, KöR offers a practical and high-quality option to restore whiteness to teeth and brighten smiles.

Typically, patients choose KöR because it offers a practical and quick way to achieve aesthetic goals while maintaining the structural integrity of the teeth.

Benefits of KöR Teeth Whitening

Patients love the KöR Whitening system. We’ve seen outstanding results and many benefits for our patients.

  • Innovative approach – A cosmetic dentist developed the system to solve the limitations of other whitening systems. The innovative approach creates better results.
  • Shorter treatment time – Because the system works more effectively, many patients see results more quickly.
  • Easy to use – Most patients wear the trays while they sleep for a convenient and easy way to whiten their teeth without disrupting their daily activities.
  • Cost-effective – The creators of KöR wanted the product to be accessible and cost-effective for patients.
  • Outstanding results – KöR whitens teeth by removing discoloration and stains better than many other products.
  • Improved confidence – Teeth whitening can improve confidence and restore a beautiful and bright smile


Initial Consultation – We schedule an initial consultation to evaluate your oral health and determine if teeth whitening is right for you. We explain the details of the treatment plan and provide a cost estimate.

Custom manufacturing – The KöR system uses molds of your teeth to create the trays. We take the molds and order the trays.

Patient delivery – When the custom trays arrive, the patient can begin the whitening treatment based on the plan we provided.

Follow-up appointment – We schedule a follow-up appointment to track progress and ensure the whitening results match the patient’s goals.

Teeth whitening works well for most patients. Whitening is a non-invasive process, so there is no recovery time. Almost every patient can benefit from teeth whitening.

Patients who wish to improve the appearance of their smile by removing stains and discoloration find success with the KöR Whitening system.

At Atlanta Smiles, we believe teeth whitening offers a way for our patients to improve the appearance of their smile effectively and quickly. Patients achieve their cosmetic goals, including smiling with confidence.

We evaluate each candidate and offer our professional assessment regarding the effectiveness of this treatment option.

At Atlanta Smiles, we are passionate about helping our patients have healthy and beautiful smiles. We care about total patient health. Our innovative treatment solutions encompass a variety of treatment options to improve your oral health, appearance, and well-being. 


Our treatment solutions include combining traditional cosmetic dentistry with teeth whitening. For example, some patients opt for clear aligns to straighten their teeth. Then, they use the KöR whitening system to improve the color of their teeth. Our versatile approach empowers patients to choose the best treatment options to meet their unique goals.

Is KöR Teeth Whitening Right for You?

KöR is a great way to improve your confidence in your smile. The whitening system has few risks and works in the convenience of your home. At Atlanta Smiles, we want each patient to find the best solution to achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. We are happy to answer your questions about the treatment to help you make an informed decision.

If you want to feel more confident about your smile, contact us to discuss whether KöR Whitening is right for you.

Restore Your Smile at Atlanta Smiles

For over 20 years, Atlanta Smiles has provided trusted cosmetic and traditional dentistry services for patients throughout the Atlanta area. Teeth whitening is an effective way to enhance your smile.

We partner with trusted companies, like KöR, to bring proven solutions to our patients. Our team of doctors and dental professionals is passionate about creating beautiful smiles backed by our extensive experience.

Contact Atlanta Smiles today to schedule an initial consultation or to learn more about the KöR Whitening system.

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