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What to Do If You Have a Cracked Molar


A fractured molar requires attention from a dental professional. While in some cases, patients may have no symptoms, many patients experience pain, swelling, and sensitivity. Even if you have no discomfort, a cracked molar could lead to other oral health issues, like decay. 


Seek the help you need to repair the tooth and restore your health. The dental team at Atlanta Smiles has extensive experience evaluating and treating cracked molars.


What Is a Fractured or Cracked Molar?

A fractured or cracked molar occurs when the tooth structure splits or breaks. Tooth fractures vary in severity from minor to extensive and impact the type of treatment required to repair the tooth. 


Molars sit in the back of the mouth and work to chew food and stabilize the jaw. Decayed or damaged molars can affect eating, talking, sleeping, and oral health.


What Causes a Molar to Crack?

Molars can crack for many reasons. Broken teeth occur more often in patients over age 50. Common causes include biting on hard foods, chewing ice, and injuries from accidents. Teeth with previous fillings or root canals are more susceptible to fracturing. 


Teeth grinding also causes teeth to weaken, which can lead to cracking. Mouthguards for sleeping help prevent grinding and protect the teeth.


Treatment Options for Fractured or Cracked Molars

If you crack a molar, the best step is to visit your dentist. The dentist can assess the damage and recommend the proper treatment. 


While you wait for your dental appointment, you can treat the tooth at home with over-the-counter pain medication and ice to help with swelling. Also, avoid chewing on the broken tooth. 


Common Treatment Options


  • Contouring or Buffing – Minor or cosmetic cracks may only require buffing or contouring to smooth the tooth’s surface. 
  • Dental Bonding – Dental filling or bonding often works well to repair minor and moderate cracks. The dentist uses resin to fill in the crack, which protects the tooth from decay and further damage.
  • Dental Crown – A crown is a natural-looking porcelain cap that covers the tooth. A crown strengthens and protects the tooth.
  • Root Canal – A root canal removes decayed or damaged tooth pulp and restores the root structure. A dental crown then covers the tooth for protection and aesthetic appeal. 
  • Veneers – A porcelain veneer offers a cosmetic solution to cover a cracked or damaged tooth. The thin porcelain shell protects the front of the tooth and seamlessly blends with the surrounding teeth.
  • Dental Implants – A dental implant permanently replaces the missing tooth when a fracture requires an extraction. This treatment typically only applies to severe tooth damage or decay. We work to preserve the natural tooth whenever possible.


Restore Your Smile with Help from Atlanta Smiles

A cracked molar impacts the way your tooth looks and functions. We recommend visiting your dentist for cracked molars to avoid further damage. 


The dentists at Atlanta Smiles have decades of experience treating cracked or decayed teeth. We offer a wide range of procedures to repair cracked molars. 


Your oral health matters. We not only want your teeth to look and feel great, but we also want to help you achieve lasting solutions and gain confidence in your smile.


Contact us today to schedule a dental appointment. 

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