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Dental Health Linked to Dementia

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Smiling Dementia PatientWhile researchers have yet to find a direct cause and cure to dementia, they have managed to pinpoint some contributors to the disease. Surprisingly, dental health plays a significant role in the risk for dementia, much more so than previously thought. At Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a comprehensive dental practice in Atlanta, we understand the role that dental health plays in brain health, and we’re committed to helping our patients optimize their oral care for preventative measures.

Tooth Loss Increases Dementia Risk

Good brain health is cited as one of the most important aspects of maintaining a good quality of life. People usually want to have a strong memory as they grow older, and many people want to be able to think clearly regardless of their age. Science has pointed to several contributors to dementia, a brain disease associated with poor memory and mental function. These contributors include having a poor diet, limited physical activity, stress, diabetes, and being overweight.

Scientists have speculated the existence of a link between the teeth and the brain. A study from Japan looked at 180 patients with dementia and found that tooth loss increased the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Although the reasons behind this connection are unclear, the researchers suggest inflammation might be a root cause. Since gum disease is associated with inflammation, and tooth loss is a symptom of gum disease at its severe stages, this explanation is possible.

Can You Fight Dementia with Good Dental Health?

Research has not found a clear and proven method for preventing dementia. But, considering dental health can impact your risk for dementia and other brain-related diseases, it’s important to make sure you are brushing regularly, flossing, and seeing your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Atlanta Smiles & Wellness offers comprehensive dental care, including preventive gum disease care, dental cleaning, and nutritional and dietary counseling to support oral health. View our services and specialties to learn more about how Atlanta Smiles & Wellness can help you.

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