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Dental Effects of Missing a Tooth

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Dental effects of missing a toothLosing a tooth is never fun, and neither are the aesthetic and health effects associated with tooth loss. There are several potential effects, including issues with speaking, eating, and social interaction. Fortunately, preventative strategies, including regular dental checkups, a proper dental cleaning regimen, and regular cleanings can help prevent or reduce the risk of tooth loss, regardless of age or health status.

In this blog post Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a cosmetic and family dental practice in Atlanta, discusses tooth loss and what you can do to prevent it.

Aesthetic Impact

Perhaps the most noticeable dental effect of a missing tooth or teeth is the smile’s appearance. The physical appearance can affect your mood and the way you feel about yourself, which can also affect your social interactions. If you’re missing teeth and it results in social isolation, this can decrease overall quality of life.

Bone Stimulation

The bone in the jaw requires stimulation to keep its density and form, and this stimulation comes from the teeth. Small stresses that are caused by teeth making contact with each other throughout the day are transferred to the periodontal ligament. This causes the remodeling and rebuilding of bone. In the case of tooth loss, the missing stimulation can ultimately cause bone loss, specifically loss of height, width, and bone volume.

Gum Tissue Decreases

When bone loses width and height, gum tissue will also decrease gradually. Following the destruction and decrease of gum tissue, problems with chewing and speaking may occur. As teeth continue to fall out, speaking and eating become even more challenging. This can also lead to feelings of insecurity which can result in further social isolation.

Prevent Tooth Loss and Improve Your Oral Health at Atlanta Smiles & Wellness

At Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, we’re focused on helping you prevent dental health issues, including tooth loss. Our comprehensive, preventative approach to oral health is centered on stopping issues before they start with dental exams, deep cleanings, fluoride treatment, and nutritional counseling. Our top priority is to help you reveal a bright, healthy smile that will last.

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