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What Is a “Gummy” Smile and How Is it Corrected?

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Causes and treatments for “gummy” smilesWhen you smile, do you feel your gums overshadow your teeth? If so, you may have what is known as a “gummy” smile. A gummy smile occurs when the gum-to-teeth ratio is too high or as a result of a hyperactive upper lip. Although a gummy smile is typically a benign issue, it could have an impact on one’s self-confidence.

If you are bothered by the appearance of a gummy smile, Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, a top cosmetic dental practice serving Atlanta and the surrounding area, can help. Here, we share more information about gummy smiles, including how we treat them.

Gummy Smile Caused by Excessive Gum Tissue

In many cases gummy smiles are caused by excessive gum tissue that makes the teeth look shorter than they really are, which in turn can make the gum-to-tooth ratio appear unbalanced or disproportionate. Our dentists can restore balance to your teeth and gums by reshaping the gum tissue. Gingival recontouring is a quick and simple procedure that involves using a diode soft tissue laser to gently remove and re-sculpt gum tissue. Thanks to the precision of the laser, the procedure is painless, side effects are minimal and recovery is short.

During gingival recontouring, our dentists will apply a local anesthetic to the gums to minimize discomfort. Next, they will apply the laser to the gums, carefully trimming excess gum tissue and reshaping the rest to create a uniform gum line. Minor but temporary side effects include soreness and swelling. Results are seen almost immediately after the procedure.

Gummy Smile Caused by Hyperactive Upper Lip

A gummy smile can also be a result of a hyperactive upper lip. In these cases, the muscle that controls the movement of the upper lip is hyperactive, raising the lip higher than normal and exposing more gum tissue than desired when smiling. Hyperactive upper lip can be treated with small injections of Botox, a neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes the muscle to prevent the lip from raising excessively when smiling.

To learn more about treatment options for a gummy smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dina Giesler or Dr. Marianna Kovitch. Contact Atlanta Smiles & Wellness by calling (404) 262-7733 or emailing us today.