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What Are the Top Problems with Dental Crowns?

problems with dental crowns atlanta

Dental crowns offer a proven and effective solution to protect and restore teeth. Dentists use a dental crown to preserve a damaged or decayed tooth by covering the tooth with a strong, protective shell. While most dental crowns last between 10 and 15 years, issues arise in rare cases. 

The key for patients is to work with an experienced dental team with a track record of long-lasting and positive outcomes.

What Patient Behaviors Negatively Impacts Crowns?

Even the best dental crowns can become compromised when the patient fails to take care of their oral health. Practice good oral hygiene to achieve the best results and extend the crown’s life.

Avoid bad habits that may cause problems with dental crowns, including: 

  • Eating hard or sticky foods
  • Biting down on hard objects, like pens or ice
  • Poor oral hygiene, like irregular brushing or flossing
  • Missing dental cleanings and checkups
  • Grinding teeth

Employ simple solutions to protect your dental crowns. Invest in a nightguard to reduce the impact of teeth grinding and protect your teeth with good oral health habits.

Common Problems with Dental Crowns

Both porcelain and all-white zirconium crowns provide a lasting and robust barrier. However, even strong materials can become compromised over time, especially for patients who don’t care for their teeth. 

  1. Tooth Decay – While the crown cannot decay, the tooth material underneath the crown can still decay. Also, the teeth surrounding the crown can decay, compromising the crowned tooth’s integrity. Practice daily dental hygiene, like brushing and flossing, to avoid cavities.
  2. Chips and Cracks – Chewing on hard foods or objects can crack or chip a crown. The crown can become damaged under too much pressure or impact like a natural tooth. The dentist may repair small cracks or chips with composite resin. However, significant damage will require a replacement crown.
  3. Nerve Pain – In rare cases, placing a dental crown can impact the nerve in the tooth’s pulp which causes ongoing pain. The patient needs a root canal to resolve the nerve pain in these cases. 
  4. Loose Crown – Over time, the crown can loosen due to decay or damage. Also, eating sticky food may cause the crown to shift and loosen. When a crown becomes loose, food and bacteria can infiltrate the area under the crown, which may cause decay. Address compromised crowns quickly to protect your teeth and health.

If you face issues with your dental crown, contact Atlanta Smiles. Our professional dental team has the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat problems with dental crowns. When possible, we work to preserve or replace the crown. If needed, we also offer root canals to prevent further deterioration and restore the structural integrity of the teeth. 

Effective Dental Solutions from Atlanta Smiles

Atlanta Smiles has a solid reputation for outstanding dental crowns and other restorative dental procedures. We prioritize overall wellbeing by focusing on oral health and the aesthetics of our patient’s smiles.

Our general dentistry services include dental crowns and repairing or replacing existing crowns. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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