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Top Five Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene


A beautiful and healthy smile starts with good oral hygiene. There are many benefits of having good oral hygiene. Investing in your oral health impacts your appearance, overall health, and quality of life. 


At Atlanta Smiles, we care about our patients and want you to look and feel great, which means incorporating oral hygiene habits into your routine.


What Is Good Oral Hygiene?

As dental professionals, we educate our patients on how to take care of their teeth. Oral hygiene includes more than daily brushing and flossing.


Good oral hygiene includes:

  • Eating a healthy diet.
  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Limiting sugary foods and beverages.
  • Scheduling dental checkups.
  • Addressing dental issues.
  • Other habits that promote a healthy smile.


Our dental team is happy to answer your questions about healthy oral hygiene habits.


Reasons to Practice Good Oral Hygiene


Fewer Cavities

Poor oral hygiene leads to cavities. Tooth decay is painful and damages teeth. A decayed tooth can cause an infection or require extraction when not resolved.

Fight against tooth decay by practicing healthy habits. Brushing and flossing remove bacteria and plaque from teeth, which helps prevent cavities.


Healthier Gums

When plaque hardens on teeth, it can cause gum disease, an infection of the gum tissues. Patients with gum disease suffer from sensitivity, gum recession, and shifting teeth. 

Good oral hygiene promotes healthy gums to anchor teeth in place. Plus, healthy gums help maintain a beautiful smile. 


Early Disease Detection

Did you know that most dental checkups include a cancer screening? Scheduling dental cleanings and checkups are an essential oral hygiene habit. 

Your dentists have the expertise to recognize the signs of oral cancers and other oral diseases. Early detection often results in improved outcomes.


Confident and Beautiful Smile

As cosmetic dentists, we love helping patients achieve beautiful smiles! While dental procedures can effectively correct cosmetic issues, like chipped, stained, or missing teeth, good oral hygiene will maintain the results of those procedures. 

Plus, many of the procedures we perform each day relate to poor oral health. Maintain your healthy and beautiful smile by incorporating daily oral hygiene into your routine. You’ll feel more confident in your appearance, breath, and health.


Improve Overall Health

Dental health impacts your entire body. Studies show that gum disease is associated with increased rates of heart disease. When inflammation occurs in the mouth, it strains the other systems in the body.

Infections in the teeth or gums are severe and can lead to serious health issues. Improving oral health can promote overall health and restore quality of life.


Make Your Oral Health a Priority

Making oral health a priority is an important factor in your self esteem. There are many benefits of good oral hygiene, from better breath to lower risks of heart disease; you’ll enjoy more confidence and better health. 

Start on your journey to a healthier and brighter smile! Contact Atlanta Smiles to schedule a dental checkup today.


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