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The Best Dentist for Cracked Enamel and Tooth Fractures

Damaged teeth open the door for decay. Plus, cracked enamel or tooth fractures can cause pain and impact the appearance of your smile. When you experience tooth damage, invest in dental restoration to repair your smile and reestablish oral health. 


At Atlanta Smiles, our dental professionals excel in dental treatment to correct cracked enamel and tooth fractures. We offer a range of procedures to match your unique condition. From bonding to implants, we have the knowledge and expertise you need for any level of damage.


Cosmetic Dentists Correct Damaged Teeth

Did you know that cosmetic dentists are general dentists that specialize in aesthetic tooth restoration? Whether you have a cracked enamel or tooth fractures. When you work with a cosmetic dentist, you benefit from dental care focused on oral health and appearance. 


For damaged tooth enamel and broken teeth, we not only create a beautiful smile, but we also ensure the restored health of your teeth and gums. We can also give you a treatment plan to incorporate your tooth repair into a full smile makeover.


What Are the Risks of Cracked Enamel and Fractured Teeth?

Tooth damage may occur from many causes, including normal wear and tear. Often, patients experience tooth damage from biting on a hard object, grinding teeth, experiencing trauma to the mouth, deteriorating fillings or root canals, and more. Regardless of the cause, it’s vital to seek dental treatment to correct damaged teeth.


If left untreated, your tooth may become infected or the damage may worsen. In addition, damaged teeth cause sensitivity and pain and can even negatively impact your overall health. Broken teeth can also affect your confidence in your smile. Thankfully, we have many treatment options available to address tooth damage.


What Procedures Correct Damaged Teeth?

The type of procedure typically depends on the extent of the damage. Cracked tooth enamel usually only requires dental bonding or a small filling. The procedure is quick and effective. Tooth bonding offers a cost-effective solution for minimal tooth damage. The procedure covers the damaged area with tooth-colored resin that blends almost seamlessly with the surface of your natural teeth.


Dental crowns work well to restore teeth with more extensive damage. If the tooth has decay and injury, we may recommend a root canal. The procedure removes the infected tooth pulp and disinfects the inside of the tooth cavity. Then, we cover the tooth’s surface with a durable crown to restore function and appearance.


Finally, we may recommend extraction and a dental implant for a split tooth or other severe damage. We only recommend this treatment option when we cannot save the natural tooth. An implant replaces the natural tooth. The surgical process implants a metal post into the jawbone to establish a solid anchor. Then, we place a dental crown that mimics the look of a natural tooth.

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Schedule Tooth Repair with a Cosmetic Dentist

Atlanta Smiles offers patients the expertise of exceptional dental restoration while prioritizing the smile’s appearance. If you experience tooth damage, don’t wait to repair the issue. Instead, invest in trusted dental care to restore your oral health and smile.


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Dr. Dina Giesler and her team at Atlanta Smiles view comprehensive dentistry as a life-long commitment to your health, appearance and self-image. One element of our comprehensive care is cosmetic dentistry. We are passionate about enhancing your beautiful smile, and are highly skilled in every space of cosmetics, including veneers, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, invisible orthodontic aligners, braces and tooth-colored fillings.