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How to De-Stress this Holiday Season

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This time of year brings extra stress into our everyday lives.  As your dentist, we unfortunately can’t help you with your in-law’s gifts; however, we can suggest a few easy ways to help reduce your stress level.

1.        Exercise – This is usually the first item to get cut off the list during the holiday hustle and bustle.  Exercising has unbelievable benefits, including stress relief, boost of self-confidence and energy and melting off those extra holiday calories.

2.       Get a nite-guard – Most people take their worries with them to bed at night.  To avoid clenching or grinding your teeth, have your dentist customize a nite-guard for you.  These devices help eliminate the stress on your jaw muscles, allowing for a pleasant morning, headache-free.

3.       Relax – Easier said than done, but be sure to take time for yourself this holiday season.