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How Much is a Teeth Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered why regular teeth cleaning is so important for dental health? Regular cleanings keep your mouth healthy, allow your dentist to check for any issues, and so much more. Understanding the cost of teeth cleaning can help you better plan and budget for this part of your oral hygiene routine, which can go a long way toward ensuring you keep your smile bright and healthy. Let’s discuss what a teeth cleaning is and what you can expect to pay.


What is  Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning, also known as dental prophylaxis, is a routine procedure done by a dentist or dental hygienist to help you maintain your oral health. It’s essential for maintaining healthy teeth, preventing gum disease, and avoiding cavities. Teeth cleanings also address tartar and plaque buildup that brushing and flossing alone can’t eliminate.

The process starts with a physical examination of your mouth, followed by the use of special tools that gently scrape away plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line. Next, the teeth are polished using a gritty toothpaste and a high-powered electric brush, which helps remove any surface stains. Finally, flossing removes any remaining debris stuck between the teeth, ensuring a thorough clean for your whole mouth.


What Can Teeth Cleaning Treat?

Teeth cleaning addresses several common dental issues. They help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and gum inflammation(gingivitis). While it’s not uncommon to have sensitive gums that are easily inflamed, inflamed gums can also be an early sign of gum disease that is important to address.

By removing surface stains, teeth cleaning also improves the appearance of your smile. It lets your dentist detect and treat potential problems like tooth decay and oral infections. Staying up-to-date on regular teeth cleaning appointments is important to prevent more serious dental issues.


Signs You May Need a Teeth Cleaning

Recognizing the signs you need a teeth cleaning can help maintain your oral health. Here are some common symptoms that may be an indication that it’s time for professional cleaning:

  • Plaque and Tartar Buildup – Noticeable deposits on your teeth that brushing and flossing can’t remove.
  • Gum Inflammation – Red, swollen, or bleeding gums, especially when brushing or flossing.
  • Bad Breath – Even after brushing, persistent bad breath may indicate plaque buildup or gum disease.
  • Stained Teeth – Visible staining or discoloration that regular brushing can’t eliminate.
  • Tooth Sensitivity – Increased sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks.
  • Gum Recession – Gums pulling away from the teeth, exposing more of the tooth or its root.
  • Routine Maintenance – It’s been six months or longer since your last professional cleaning.


How Much Does a Teeth Cleaning Cost: Pricing Factors

Several factors can influence the cost of teeth cleaning. Some of the biggest factors include the type of cleaning, if you’re getting additional cleaning, and the dentist you see.

Type of Cleaning

The type of cleaning you need significantly impacts the cost. Routine cleanings, recommended every six months, are generally less expensive, ranging from $75 to $200. These cleanings focus on removing plaque, tartar, and surface stains.

Deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, are more intensive and are necessary for treating gum disease. These can cost between $175 and $550 per quadrant of the mouth. Deep cleanings require more time and expertise because they involve cleaning below the gum line to remove bacteria and tartar buildup.

Dentist’s Experience and Expertise

The dentist’s or dental hygienist’s experience and expertise performing the cleaning can also affect the price. More experienced providers may charge higher fees because of their advanced skills and knowledge. While this might increase the upfront cost, choosing a skilled professional can ensure a more thorough and effective cleaning.

Investing in an experienced dentist can also help identify potential issues early on, which can help prevent more expensive treatments down the line. When budgeting for teeth cleaning, it’s important to consider the provider’s qualifications and reputation.

Additional Treatments

Additional treatments, such as fluoride applications or dental sealants, can increase the overall cost of teeth cleaning. Fluoride treatments, which help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay, typically cost an additional $20 to $50. Dental sealants, which protect the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, can add $30 to $60 per tooth. Medicinals, including irrigation and antibiotics placed underneath the gum tissue, can also influence how much you pay. While these treatments are optional, they provide important long-term benefits and can help prevent future dental issues.


At-Home Oral Hygiene Supports

While professional teeth cleaning is essential, there are some treatments that you can utilize at home to supplement your regular cleanings. Consider using at-home dental cleaning kits, which include tools like dental picks and mirrors to help remove plaque and tartar in between appointments. You can also use electric toothbrushes with advanced features like pressure sensors and timers to ensure a thorough brushing.

Water flossers can effectively remove debris and plaque between teeth that a regular toothbrush can’t reach. Also, natural remedies like oil pulling with coconut oil can help reduce bacteria levels in the mouth. While these at-home treatments can support your oral health, they mustn’t be used to replace regular professional cleanings.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical costs of a teeth cleaning?

A teeth cleaning typically ranges from $75 to $395 for a routine cleaning depending on the severity of the treatment. Deep cleanings for treating gum disease can cost between $150 and $300 per quadrant. Prices can vary based on location and the dentist’s expertise.

Does my Dental Benefit plan cover teeth cleaning procedures?

Most insurance plans with dental benefits cover the cost of routine teeth cleanings, usually twice a year. Coverage for deep cleanings may vary, so check with your insurance provider to understand your specific benefits and any potential out-of-pocket expenses.

Are there any potential complications after a teeth cleaning?

Complications after a teeth cleaning are rare but can include temporary tooth sensitivity or minor gum irritation. Following your dentist’s aftercare instructions can help reduce these effects. If any discomfort persists, it’s important to contact your dentist immediately for further advice.


Get Expert Dental Care at Atlanta Smiles

Regular teeth cleanings are essential for maintaining oral health and preventing serious dental issues. Understanding the cost factors can help you plan for this important care. To ensure your teeth are in the best possible condition, schedule a consultation with Atlanta Smiles today. Our expert team is here to provide you with the top-quality dental care you deserve to keep your smile healthy and bright.

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