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Giving Back: Spreading Smiles to Belize!

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Thank You From Belize

It’s easy sometimes to take things for granted, especially living in modern America today.  We want our kids to appreciate the small things, but sometimes we as adults can be guilty of forgetting that simple lesson ourselves.

We recently learned that the children at the Holy Family Primary School in the village of Hopkins in Belize didn’t have access to toothbrushes.  We were shocked that an item so commonplace to us would be such a luxury to others.

We immediately sent a box of toothbrushes with a group heading there during Spring Break to take along with them to these kids.  We were pleased to receive this picture with their smiling faces in return!  It was a small gesture on our part that made a big impact on them.  What can you do to give back?  It doesn’t have to be something grand to make a difference in someone else’s life.

These kids gave to us, too.  They reminded us to be grateful for everything we have and to remember not to take things for granted.  We may have sent smiles to Belize, but they sent them right back to us, as you can see from the picture and note (below) we received in response.


Hi Sandy and Dr. Giesler!

 A very belated thank you for your donation of toothbrush kits for the Holy Family School in Hopkins, Belize.  I just received a photo from our friends at the hotel we stayed at (Villa Verano) of the children happy to receive their toothbrushes and wanted to share!

 If you’ll remember, we were leaving for our spring break trip and noticed on the Villa website their Pack for a Purpose program, wherein they invite guests to bring along donations to the local school and animal shelter.  http://www.villaveranobelize.com/community-involvement/

 While pulling together t-shirts and books for the primary school, I noticed they ask for NO candy or treats as the children did not have access to toothbrushes.  I was appalled and immediately called Sandy.  I remembered you guys had so kindly donated toothbrushes to WT Jackson Elementary for an event I had worked on, and I wondered if you had any similar toothbrushes to donate to this cause.

 Sandy, you were so kind to immediately set aside a box of the toothbrushes!  I picked them up the day before we left, and I am happy to tell you they made it safely to the village of Hopkins in Belize and the Holy Family Primary School.

 I think the attached picture says it all.  Atlanta Smiles is spreading smiles not only in Atlanta, but as far away as Belize!

 Again, thank you so much and see you soon,