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Give the Gift of A Smile for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Give the gift of a smile!

It’s October, and in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Atlanta Smiles is having special discounted prices on teeth whitening. Both our in-office Zoom teeth whitening and our take-home custom trays and whitening solution are drastically discounted this month. And even better, all proceeds from these sales will go directly to the Atlanta Smiles Foundation to help survivors of domestic violence and their families.
The Atlanta Smiles Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 to help domestic abuse survivors and their families by providing pro-bono dental restoration and facial reconstructive services. Based on individual circumstances, the services provided may range from preventive and routine work, to cosmetic dentistry, to dental and facial reconstruction. Dr. Marc Yune, an Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon, works in conjunction with founder Dr. Dina Giesler by providing surgery to the head and neck areas for those who have been injured in severe domestic abuse cases.

As health care professionals, we believe we possess special gifts and talents for making a huge difference in the lives of our patients. We utilize our skills to eliminate serious pain and improve overall health to survivors and to their children. Aesthetically speaking, our work can make a critical difference by giving people a renewed confidence to function at a higher level in their everyday lives. We believe this confidence gives survivors the courage to leave the violence that threatened to destroy them and their children.   Dr. Dina Giesler, DDS, MAGD

The Atlanta Smiles Foundation works in partnership with area shelters, agencies and programs that are dedicated to survivors of domestic abuse. Its mission is to send survivors of domestic abuse on their journey to reclaim their self-esteem, their sense of value and their lives.

This month, do your part by helping the Foundation give the gift of a smile to these deserving people, and brighten your own in the process!

For more information on the Foundation and how you can help during any month of the year, see our website here: http://www.atlantasmiles.org/.