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Do You Dislike The Numb Feeling After Going To The Dentist?

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by Dina J. Giesler, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.

Do you avoid the dentist because it is not convenient? Do you feel numb for hours after getting a shot? For a lot of people, it’s hard to schedule a dental appointment during the day because of busy schedules. An important business lunch, dinner, or important presentation hinders many from seeing a dentist during a typical business week. No one wants to go back to the office when their face feels numb and huge.

We now have a way to reverse the local anesthesia at the dentist office. OraVerse (Phentolamine Mesylate) by Novalar is a vasodilator that has been used in Medical indications since 1952. It is safe and has undergone rigorous clinical studies at 20 universities and private practice research centers across the US. No drug interactions or contraindications were noted. OraVerse is administered at the same location that your dental injection is given. The average length of time that a patient “feels numb” after leaving a dental office is 3-5 hours depending how the type of anesthesia used and how much. With OraVerse patients can return to normal sensation and function in half the time with the onset in about 20 minutes. OraVerse accelerates the reversal of the soft tissue numbness that we all tend to dislike. This is a safe drug and can be used in children 6 years and older. This application can be very useful in children who tend to chew on their lip after a dental procedure is completed. OraVerse is also useful in cosmetic dental procedures in that patients need to be able to feel their upper lip and be able to evaluate the length of their upper teeth while still in the office. Ask us about OraVerse or go to www.novalar.com for more information.