The Atlanta Smiles Guide to Dental Implants Recovery

Dental implants restore missing teeth to give patients renewed function, health, and aesthetics. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss, slurred speech, eating issues, and insecurity. Thankfully, patients have a lasting solution to repair teeth and restore health with dental implants. After the procedure, it is important you follow your dental provider’s instructions to ensure […]

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer patients a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. The treatment includes a surgical procedure to attach a metal post to the jaw bone to anchor the replacement tooth. Once completed, the patient’s new implant looks and works like a natural tooth. While implants empower patients to restore their smiles, dental implants don’t […]

Dental Crowns Versus Dental Implants

Dental Crowns in Atlanta, GA

Do you have damaged or missing teeth you want to repair? If so, you need restorative dental service. The terminology and procedures involved in repairing teeth can feel confusing. Work with a dental professional you can trust to explain the differences between dental crowns and dental implants and implement the treatments effectively. Dental crowns and implants […]

Harmful Consequences of a Missing Tooth

Missing one or several teeth affects more than your willingness to share your smile with the world. Gaps left behind by a missing tooth open the door to an array of harmful dental issues, some of which can have serious effects on your overall health. At Atlanta Smiles & Wellness, Drs. Dina Giesler and Marianna […]