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Dentures in Atlanta

dentures-in-atlantaDentures are a great option for Atlanta dental patients who have lost their teeth, or have decided tooth extraction is the best option for them. Dentures are essentially artificial teeth that can be removed from the mouth and placed back in. The teeth are attached to a gum colored plate and are shaped to feel comfortable in the patient’s mouth. Unlike some artificial teeth of the past, dentures today look natural and fit comfortably.

Every patient’s needs are different and it is important to start the process by setting up a consultation with a qualified dentist. Dr. Giesler and Dr. Kovitch have been in practice for many years and have fit many patients for their perfect dentures. Our Atlanta dentists will discuss the different options with you, starting with how many teeth need to be removed. Once the number of teeth to be extracted has been decided, the dentist will inform you of what type of dentures are best for you. The cost will also be a deciding factor for many, as dentures are an investment.

Partial Dentures

A common type of denture is called a partial denture. This type of denture is a great option for patients who are only missing, or opting to remove, some of their teeth. Unlike full dentures, partial dentures do not take the place of all of the teeth. Instead, they are made to fit in with your existing teeth. The false teeth are attached to a metal frame and are designed to attach to your natural teeth. Crowns can be used in conjunction with partial dentures to offer an anchor for them. Often times, partial dentures are opted for as an alternative to bridges. Unlike bridges, partial dentures can be removed.

When a patient has all of their teeth on the top or bottom removed, a full denture is the solution. Atlanta dentures can be made to fit the top part of the mouth, the bottom part of the mouth or both. For the top of the mouth, the “plate” is made to cover the palate, or the roof of the mouth. For bottom dentures, the dentures are shaped like a horse shoe to leave room for the tongue to move freely around the mouth. The “plate” is made of flesh colored material, typically acrylic. This gives your smile a natural look, as the dentures mimic the look of your own gums.

For full dentures, the patient will have to decide on immediate or conventional full dentures. When the teeth are removed, it leaves the bones and gums temporarily swollen. Because of this, conventional dentures are designed to be fitted once the swelling goes down and the mouth goes back to normal. This leaves the patient without teeth for approximately a month or more. The plus side is there will be no additional fittings once the conventional denture is placed. Immediate full dentures, however, are placed in the mouth immediately after the teeth are pulled. The gums and bones are still swollen, so the plate will fit for a short period of time. Once the swelling goes down, the dentures will have to be adjusted to fit the shape of the mouth post-swelling.

Dentures are a long term investment, and it is important to take great care of them. Always handle them delicately, and avoid dropping them on hard surfaces. Avoid letting them dry out by soaking them any time you are not wearing them. If taken care of properly, your dentures can potentially last a lifetime with routine adjustments. Age and normal wear can be mended with relining or rebasing. Your dentist will check them at your routine visits.

Aging Effect

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