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First Dentist in Atlanta to Offer Newest Oral Cancer Screenings

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According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, nearly 37,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancers in 2011. Ever since a young age, we have always been told the rules for a healthy mouth; floss, brush twice a day and see your dentist on a regular basis; however, as technology changes so do the rules for a healthy mouth. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness has been designing beautiful smiles since 1999 and to continue on its streak, has incorporated new-age technology.

Unfortunately, the death rate of oral cancers hasn’t improved much over the past few decades, mostly
due to late detection in its development. Oral cancers commonly appear on the lips or tongue and may
also occur in the cheek lining, floor of the mouth, gums and the roof of the mouth. However, the most
recent string of oral cancer, HPV16, is significantly contributing to the increasing rate of oral cancers and
is virtually invisible to the eye.

This is where Atlanta Smiles and Wellness comes in. Dina Giesler, DDS, MAGD, is the first dentist in
Atlanta to offer the newest technology for early detection with Oral DNA Lab. “This technology is vital
to keep our patients health and overall wellness at its best,” Giesler said. “Early detection is key.”

The procedure is painless and even included in your routine check-ups. The patient swishes with saline
solution for 30 seconds and expectorates (spits) into a cup; it’s that simple!

With the new technology available to screen cancers, Atlanta Smiles and Wellness takes pride in the
comfort factor for its patients.

About Atlanta Smiles and Wellness:

At Atlanta Smiles and Wellness, we are a family-oriented practice with expertise in cosmetic dentistry.
Dr. Dina Giesler is a Master Dentist of the Academy of General Dentistry, a very high distinction achieved
by less than one percent of dentists. She received the 2004 and 2010 Atlanta Magazine, Top Dentist
Award and is a member of the ADA, GDA and the AACD.

Marianna Kovitch, D.M.D. has recently joined the Atlanta Smiles practice. She received a Bachelor of
Science degree in Chemistry from Georgia State University and completed her Doctorate of Dental
Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia. She shares the same philosophy in conservative
treatment along with our passion of health, nutrition and wellness.

Dr. Dina Giesler Featured On Doctorprenuer

150 150 Atlanta Smiles and Wellness

Atlanta Smiles Foundation Reaching Out To Fellow Female Dentists

150 150 Atlanta Smiles and Wellness

Contact: Kristen Burns

(404) 835-9677


Atlanta Smiles Foundation Reaching Out To Fellow Female Dentists

ATLANTA (Sept. 12) – Dr. Dina Giesler D.D.S., M.A.G.D. and a handful of specialty dentists have treated more than 75 women within the Atlanta Smiles Foundation. To ensure the growing number of women receive the treatment that is necessary, and happily offered, Giesler is reaching out to all women dentists in the metro-Atlanta area to lend a helping hand.

Giesler established the Atlanta Smiles Foundation back in 2006 to aide those who have suffered from domestic violence. “There is an unfortunate number of women who are expected to be silent and it is time that our community is aware,” Giesler acknowledged.

Its mission is to help survivors of domestic abuse reclaim their self-esteem, their sense of value and their lives by providing dental and facial reconstruction services, giving them a smile with which to face the world.

Currently, Giesler treats Foundation patients on her own with the help of Dr. Gordon Brady, D.D.S. and Dr. Mollie Winston, D.D.S., both oral surgeons. However, as the Foundation continues to expand, the number of applicants does too.

Nearly 250 letters have been sent to women dentists in the surrounding Atlanta area.  Within days responses were returned, eager to help.

If you would like to volunteer your time, services or provide a monetary donation, please visit www.atlantasmiles.org or contact us at atlantasmilesfoundation@gmail.com.

Dr. Marianna Kovitch Passes the 2012 Fellowship Examination

150 150 Atlanta Smiles and Wellness

Dr. Marianna Kovitch Passes the 2012 Fellowship Examination from the Academy of General Dentistry and is on her way to receive her Fellowship

Atlanta (December 04, 2012)—The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), a professional association of more than 37,000 general dentists dedicated to providing quality dental care and oral health education to the public, is pleased to announce that Marianna L. Kovitch, D.M.D of Atlanta, Georgia, has passed the 2012 AGD Fellowship examination and is on her way to becoming a fellow in the AGD.

The Fellowship Award is presented to dentists who seek to provide the highest quality of dental care by remaining current in their profession. Dr. Kovitch is actively working on completing 500 hours of continuing dental education, in order to receive her fellowship award.

Dr. Kovitch graduated from Medical College of Georgia in 2011 and currently practices dentistry at Atlanta Smiles & Wellness with Dina J. Giesler, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. In addition to the AGD, Dr. Kovitch is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Georgia Dental Association, and American Dental Association.

Dr. Kovitch and her husband, Sam, enjoy traveling, ballroom dancing, cooking, biking, and skiing.

About the Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is a professional association of more than 37,000 general dentists dedicated to providing quality dental care and oral health education to the public. AGD members stay up-to-date in their profession through a commitment to continuing education. Founded in 1952, the AGD is the second largest dental association in the United States, and it is the only association that exclusively represents the needs and interests of general dentists. A general dentist is the primary care provider for patients of all ages and is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, management, and overall coordination of services related to patients’ oral health needs.

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