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All About Extractions!

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Extractions: Atlanta Smiles and Wellness has a conservative approach and we will do what we can to help repair your original teeth; however, there are situations when the tooth cannot be restored or is causing overcrowding.  When a tooth is removed, it is referred to as an tooth extraction.

  • Simple Extraction – the tooth is fully erupted and exposed in mouth and local anesthetic is applied. Extractions are also common when referring to wisdom teeth.

Scaling & Root Planning – Deep Cleaning: Periodontal treatment should be done with ease and as a conservative, cost-effective solution.  Deep cleanings are also knows as scaling and root planning. ‘Scaling’ is the removal of dental tartar from teeth above and below the gum line; ‘Root planning’ involves the smoothing of the root surfaces to remove bacterial toxins.  This procedure is typically broken up into two appointments; one for the right side of the mouth (upper and lower) and one for the left.  These procedures are performed by our gentle and talented hygienists, keeping your comfort in mind.

TMJ Therapy: Do you ever wake up with a pounding migraine or sore jaw?  This may be linked to TMJ, teeth grinding, clenching or snoring habits.  Molars can face up to 270 lbs of force! Our Atlanta cosmetic dentists offer a few options to our patients to ease or eliminate the pain with an oral appliance, as opposed to uncomfortable headgear or nasal inserts.  Depending on the diagnosis, treatment options may include an Occlusal Guard, a Snore Guard or NTI.  Each is custom-fitted to the patient’s mouth and their specific needs.