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I was born in Communist Russia where you were not always able to “be who want to be” or “follow your dreams” no matter how much work you were putting in or how passionate you were. We immigrated when I was 5 years old and I grew up here in Atlanta. My dental interest sparked when I was privileged to have braces. I found dentistry fascinating and would utilize household instruments to remove and reapply my colored rubber bands on my brackets at home. By my second year in treatment, my orthodontist let me change out the colored bands myself in the office. During my senior year of high school, I was President of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and was able to work the second half of the school day. Having an interest in dentistry, I started working for Dr. Smith and Dr. Meadows in Roswell. This is when my official dental training truly started.

I attended Georgia State University for my Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry. I was in the pre-dental club, Honors program and conducting research in biochemistry. I was working nights and weekends bartending at a family entertainment facility. One evening at the bar, a lady asked for a chardonnay, followed by “Why do you have an organic chemistry book under the register”? After an evening of talking, Dr. Laura Braswell, (A periodontist) became a great friend and mentor. I spent many days at her office observing and learning about periodontics. She shared her passion for animal dentistry with me, and brought me to do dental procedures on a sea lion, tiger and chimpanzee. I was working on large mammals teeth before humans.

During my last year in college I had finished my research, written my thesis that got published, “SiaA, A heme protein” and graduated with honors in research for my work.

In 2007 I started Dental School at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA. I quickly realized I had a passion for implant and cosmetic dentistry so I started working with patients in those departments. I spent some time working in a public health with adults and children in several different clinics in Atlanta and neighboring towns. This was an extremely rewarding experience and I walked away with some enhanced knowledge of the welfare system.

Upon graduation, I met Dr. Dina Giesler. We connected instantly. We share the same visions, care for people, nutrition, and overall health.

I am an active member in the American Dental Association and the Georgia Dental Association. I serve on the board of the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry in which I have passed my Fellowship exam and finishing my continuing education hours to be awarded a Fellow in the GAGD. I have a passion for placing and restoring dental implants as I am able to see the full circle of each case and plan how I want to place and restore the site. I have received the prestigious honor of fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantology. It has been a wonderful journey and I am excited to continue into the future with such a great team.